How to Apply Organic Black Castings & Other Soil Amendments, Fertilizers

Earthworm castings are known as ‘black gold’ for good reason, they contain everything a plant needs for optimum nutrition. Such as, nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, natural enzymes, trace elements, and micro-nutrients, they also help to balance the pH in the soil, improve aeration, improves the structure of the soil, which in turn helps both water drainage and retention.

At Vermitechnology we receive many questions on how to properly apply organic black worm castings.

For vegetables and annuals, before planting liberally line the hole with black castings. Cover with soil and water. Every month during the growing season, surface dress the plants with a 1/2 of a cup of worm castings or about 1 cup per linear foot of plantings.

For newly planted Roses, berries, and shrubs, mix 3 parts good soil with 1 part black castings.

Before transplanting pour the mixture in the hole, place the plant in the hole, then fill with gardening soil, and water well. Following the growing season, work one inch of black castings into the ground around the plant. For establish plants mix 2 to 3 inches of casting below the surface soil.

For seeds, mix 3 parts good gardening soil to 1 part black castings, plant your seeds, water, and enjoy.

To ensure your perennials look amazing this fall, work about a half cup of castings into the surface soil for each plant. Water as needed.

Black worm castings are great addition to compost piles. Just spread a thin layer between each new layer of materials.

General use, since the black worm castings from Vermitechnology are certified organic, they won’t burn your plants. They will also promote a well developed root system for healthy productive plants.

If stored in a cool environment, 60 to 80 degree temperature, black worm castings should last 6 months or longer. Also store them away from the sunlight. Though we don’t recommend eating them, they are non-toxic and won’t harm pets or people.

If you have any questions about organic soil amendments or black castings, contact Vermitechnology. Don’t forget to shop our online store for all of our quality products at an affordable price.