How Black Worm Castings are an Affordable Way to Grow Organic

Healthy living soil should be teeming with beneficial organisms, it is the key to productive and thriving plants. The ‘soil food web’, is made up of millions of beneficial micro-organisms which supports the development, vigor and production of the plant. These organisms include, nematodes, fungi, protozoa, and bacteria, are also responsible for retaining water and nutrients and disease suppression.

Synthetic fertilizers can be seen as a quick fix, but in the end these chemicals end up killing these necessary organisms and is conducive to sterile soil and diseases.

Restoring life to your soil is easier than you think, just add black worm castings….yes worm poop!

Worm castings are known as black gold because of the number of beneficial bacteria and microbes they add to the soil. They also contain humid acid, which helps plants absorb vital nutrients.

Think about these facts from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service:

▪ One cup of soil can hold more bacteria than there are people on Earth.
▪ A single spadeful of rich garden soil contains more living species than can be found above ground in the entire Amazon rainforest.
▪ If you packed all the microbes from an acre of land together, they would weigh as much as two cows.

“We know more about things a billion light years away than about what’s happening 6 inches under our feet, “ said Zien, founder of Living Resources Co. in Sacramento, which provides soil and organic gardening consulting.

“Good, healthy soil is alive with beneficial soil organisms known as the soil food web,” Zien said. “These organisms create soil structure, improving drainage and aeration. Nutrients and moisture are stored by the soil biology that makes them available to plant roots, minimizing the need for fertilizer and irrigation. They also provide plant growth hormones and fight off pests, allowing your plants to grow – healthy, pest-resistant and drought-tolerant.”

Vermitechnology’s organic fertilizers are a valuable addition for every soil type and plant situation, from farms, vegetable or flower gardens, to landscaping and lawns.

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