Increase Your Crops With Healthier & More Productive Plants

Black worm castings are known as ‘black gold’, the richest natural fertilizer on earth, which is why they are in such high demand for home gardeners and farmers. Unlike synthetic or chemical fertilizer, black castings are immediately and easily absorbed by plants without burning them.

As an expert in the industry, R.E. Gaddie and D.E. Douglas, explain why black castings make plants grow fast, strong, and more productive, “Scientific Earthworm Farming,”

Earthworm castings are the best imaginable potting soil for greenhouses or houseplants, as well as gardening and farming. It will not burn even the most delicate plants and all nutrients are water-soluble, making it an immediate plant food. Earthworm castings, in addition to their use as a potting soil, can be used as a planting soil for trees, vegetables, shrubs, and flowers.

They may be used as a mulch so that the minerals leach directly into the ground when watered. The effects of earthworm castings used in any of these ways are immediately visible. They make plants grow fast and strong. Nematodes and diseases will not ruin gardens or plants if the soil is rich enough for them to grow fast. It is the weak plant in poor soil that is destroyed by nematodes and diseases.

Today’s newest research proves worms are the worlds unsung heroes. Research shows black worm castings improves seed germination, stimulates plant growth, increases productivity, while preventing diseases and the ability to retain water in the soil and repel pests.

Your soil is a living, breathing organism, how you take care of it determines how healthy and productive your garden or farm will be. As a leader in the industry, Vermitechnology Unlimited is your source for pure organic fertilizers derived from black casting, worm farming and composting supplies. For over 40 years we have been providing quality products for wholesalers, distributors, retailers, growers and hobbyists.

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