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For a complete way to nourish your garden and lawn this spring without the use of harmful chemicals, try VermaMax and coral calcium! All natural organic soil amendment and fertilizer.


vermamaxAll natural organic plant food is made from certified organic Pure Black Castings and organic poultry compost (chicken litter). It is a great way to provide extra nitrogen and calcium to your soil because it is composted using a special patented formula of chicken liter or poop.

VeraMax contains 3 percent nitrogen, 2.8 percent available phosphate, 6.72 percent calcium, and 1.83 percent soluble potash.

For potting soil mix 4 parts VermaMax to 1 part soil. For berries and fruit trees mix 1 to 2 cups VermaMax to the transplant hole and garden soil. For transplanting annuals and vegetables, mix a half to one cup of VermaMax to the transplanting hole.

Coral Calcium 

If you are noticing more weeds in your lawn or garden than usual, coral calcium may be lacking from your soil.

Benefits from the addition of Coral Calcium in your garden and lawn

Fundamental for healthy soil, coral calcium is rich in 73 vital minerals necessary for plant growth.

By re-mineralizing the soil, you can expect healthier and higher quality plants from the increased level of plant energy.

During stressful conditions, coral calcium helps turf and plants say healthy.

Coral calcium increases drainage while effectively restoring a healthy balance of calcium in the soil.

Reduce the number of germinating weed seeds because of the healthy soil.

Makes both oxygen and water available to grass and plants by increasing the amount of wear that reaches the root zone.

Reduces erosion and compaction, therefor improving root growth. Less compacted soil means it is easier to work with. Coral calcium also limits Magnesium overload.

OMRI certified Coral Calcium is fundamental to healthy soil and a complete way to nourish your lawn and garden without the use of chemicals.

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