Want Healthier & More Productive Plants? Organic Black Worm Castings

How can your vegetable garden and flowering plants get amazing results without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides without all the harmful side effects? How can you have all the benefits of going completely organic without spending hours trying to raise a worm farm for black castings? Let’s face it, raising worms isn’t for everybody.

The solution is simple, Vermitechnology has made it easy to have affordable certified organic products, such as black worm castings and Verma Plex, delivered to your home or business, ready to use, without any mess or smell.

Full of vital microorganisms and organic matter, black worm castings yield benefits substantially above chemical fertilizer ratios.

Just add black castings to potted plants and garden soil to improve soil structure. The high amount of humus will increase water retention, ensure nutrients are readily available to the plants, and improve soil aeration.

Black castings are perfect for outdoor and indoor plants, as well as, hydroponics. Full of rich organic matter, which nourishes soil microorganisms and in turn they store and release necessary plant nutrients.

Research and Studies Show Just the Effectiveness of Black Casting

The Ohio State University Soil Ecology Laboratory has done extensive research on black worm castings. They found worm casting protect plants from wilt disease, crown rot, and other plant diseases. Discourage pests such as mealy bugs, aphids and mites. Studies showed enhanced seed germination, increased fruit, vegetable, and flower production.

For many gardeners and farmers, damping off in seedlings is a big problem. Research by the Cornell University, Department of Plant Pathology demonstrate black casting suppress this disease and several others. It also showed they prevent pests from invading your garden. The bacteria found in black castings degrade the exoskeleton of many insects, including the white fly.

No odor, no mess, and easy to use, just incorporate into the soil, while plant seeds, transplanting into the garden, in potted plants, and add them into compost piles.

Give the products from Vermitechnology a try, you won’t be disappointed!  Shop our on-line store for our great products or contact us for more information.