Affordable Organic Fertilizers, Pesticides & Worm Castings

Healthy soil is important for a healthy life. If you have a farm or a home garden, the addition of organic matter such as worm casting can add a bountiful microscopic biodiversity, converting into nutrients for plants, contributes to soil productivity by holding water and air, making vital nutrients and water available to plant roots, and becoming a long-term reservoir of nourishment for life. Our soil does more than just sustain plants, it sustains all of us!

How Important is Our Soil?

“Soil is at the heart and soul of our planet.  Put simply, we can’t live without it. Our bodies are built from, and sustained by, the nutrients in our soil. Civilizations rise and fall on how well they treat their soils. Yet despite the fact that healthy soil remains crucial for food production, flood defenses and our ability to tackle climate change, we don’t look after it.” Soil Association.

It is time we take care of our soil. One quarter of the world’s farmable soil is seriously degraded, every minute we lose a football field worth of healthy soil.

Do your part!

Instead of using harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which kills beneficial organisms in the soil, use organic products. Such as pure black castings, liquid VermaPlex, Coral Calcium, Black sea Organic, and natural worms, for amazing benefits. From plants that are more resistant to diseases and pests, improving the soil’s capacity to hold water while increasing the rate the soil can absorb water, reducing irrigation, to producing 40% more crops.

For over 40 years Vermitechnology has been providing quality and affordable products to wholesalers, distributors, retailers, growers and hobbyists. Shop our on-line store and discover the value of our products.

Happy Thanksgiving from Vermitechnology 

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