Black Worm Casting, Great Gift for the Vegetable or Flower Gardner!

There isn’t anything better than organic black worm castings for a garden or farm. They even make the perfect holiday present for that backyard gardener. But the fact is, raising a worm garden, feeding them the ideal diet, and cultivating it, takes a lot of time. By the time you purchase all the equipment, worms, food, and everything else that goes along with it, you could have bought a years worth of high quality black worm casting from one of the leaders in the industry, Vermitechnology.

Why Choose Black Worm Castings?

“Worm casts contain five times more nitrogen, seven times more phosphorus, and 11 times more potassium than ordinary soil, the main minerals needed for plant growth, but the large numbers of beneficial soil micro-organisms in worm casts have at least as much to do with it. The casts are also rich in humic acids, which condition the soil, have a perfect pH balance, and contain plant growth factors similar to those found in seaweed. There’s nothing better to put in your garden!” Journey to Forever.

You wouldn’t think the process of producing black worm castings would be that difficult, after all they are just worm poop.

There are just a few types of worms typically used for castings in the garden. If you are considering building your own worm garden, you will need at least 1,000 worms to start out with.  You will also need a worm box with sections for organic materials. Some type of bedding will also be needed so the worms can bury the food scraps as well as eat. Quality is important.

Then you will need to feed the worms. “In ideal conditions worms can eat at least their own weight of organic matter in a day. In fact it seems they don’t actually eat it — they consume it, sure enough, but what they derive their nourishment from is all the micro-organisms that are really eating it. And yet — mystery! — their casts contain eight times as many micro-organisms as their feed! And these are the micro-organisms that best favour healthy plant growth. And the casts don’t contain any disease pathogens — pathogenic bacteria are reliably killed in the worms’ gut.”

There are several ways to harvest the castings, either with a light separation or with a wire mesh screen, before applying them to your garden.

The results you get from using black castings are numerous. Unfortunately, not all us have the time to make the castings ourselves. Vermitechnology has perfecting this process, resulting in high quality organic product.

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