Why Choose Organic Soil Amendments Over Chemical Pesticides

Why choose organic fertilizers and soil amendments such as, black worm castings,VermaPlex, VermaMax, Black Sea Kelp, Coral Calcium, Hydrolyzed Fish, Liquid Humate Plus, Liquid Yucca Extract, and Fish Hydrolysate? Because exposure to chemical pesticides are associated with several diseases and life changing illnesses. Unfortunately, the harmful effects of these toxins are being felt by people everywhere in the world.

The list of dangerous effects of the chemicals in pesticides used in most of the fruits and vegetables eaten by both adults and children is depressingly long. Beyond Pesticides is an advocacy group who has provided vital information on the exposure to pesticides.

It has been well documented that many cancers have been linked to pesticides. Some of these include leukemia, prostate, liver, bladder, brain, pancreas, and brain. cancer.

Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia have both been on the rise with the increased use of pesticide use in the world.

The same is true about type 2 diabetes. According to a recent article in Natural News, “the widespread exposure to pesticides containing organophosphate can induce obesity and spur diabetic reactions. In one of several studies into the connection, a North Carolina State University study found elevated levels of diabetes among women who were exposed to five different classes of pesticides.”

Studies have shown reproductive issues and birth defects are linked to common pesticides. For instance,  one such study found men who had “pesticides in their urine were actually ten times more likely to have low sperm quality.”

The effects of pesticides make children, who are still developing, more vulnerable. There is evidence that both behavior and intelligence are affected by pesticide exposure.

Asthma and allergies are also a growing issue linked to pesticides. There are approximately 16 million Americans suffer from asthma and that number keeps climbing. Food allergies are also on the rise around the world.

The leading cause of Parkinson’s Disease is exposure to pesticides. Those exposed to organophosphate pesticides are 71 percent more likely to develop this neurodegenerative disease.

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