From Garden/Farm to Table, Affordable Soil Amendments & Worm Castings

How can you make going from the garden to the kitchen to affordable, sustainable, and healthy? A quaint cafe owned by Teo Peng Chai tells the New Straits Times how he offers his guests healthier food from his garden, pesticide and fertilizer free. Stating, “All you need is a little patience and the willingness to work hard.”

Teo confides that he also uses worm castings or worm poop to fertilise the plants. Noticing my look of bewilderment, he swiftly enlightens that worm casting is the best natural fertiliser as it contains more nutrients than other manure. It’s the byproduct of compost worms and scientifically, has been proven to lock in heavy metals. “Best of all, it has no smell!” he exclaims.

By using black worm castings, Teo is able to recondition the soil, enabling him to plant more crops. The end result is healthier food for his guests and a sustainable garden.

Worm castings, explains Teo, are rich in nutrients and a single teaspoon can provide enough organic plant nutrients to feed a 15cm potted plant for more than two months. “It’s a slow releasing fertiliser and inexpensive to produce. It allows me to maintain lower prices for the meals I cook here,” he elaborates.

The daily menu all depends on what’s going on in the garden. What vegetables are ready to go on the plate. Teo hopes to encourage people to be more conscious about what they are eating and to eat healthier.

Using organic soil amendments, such as black worm castings, instead of harmful fertilizers and pesticides can get your garden and soil on track for a sustainable, garden to table menu of your own.

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