Growing the Perfect Tomato Plant! Organic Black Worm Castings

Growing the perfect tomato isn’t always as easy as it looks. Of course they need sun, water, and healthy soil, but what makes the perfect tomato.  Don’t forget to read our earlier part 1 of the blog to catch up on tomato varieties and planting.

It is also important not to crowd the plants. It may be hard to visualize, but these tiny seeds or plants you start out with will grow 6 feet or even taller! Crowding tends to give you less fruit.

Though not technically a vine, they need to be staked. There are several methods, something similar to the popular cone shaped cage is ideal and can be found just about anywhere.

To protect your tomato plants you will need to feed them. What you feed them makes a huge difference, chemical based pesticides and fertilizers may make for big plants and fruits, but you pay for them in the taste and nutritional value.

With so many organic soil amendments on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one to use. The proven fact is, black worm castings are natures perfect soil amendment. They break down much more slowly than their chemical counterpart, feeding plants only as needed, reducing waste and increasing efficiency, making them very cost-effective.

Black worm castings are simple to use, either incorporate them into the soil or make a tea and spray on the plants to not only fertilize the plants with vital nutrients, but to help reduce disease, insects, and pests.

A great cost efficient recipe I learned from a good friend and long time gardener, has had great results. Place about two handfuls of organic black worm castings in a five gallon bucket of water. Allow this to steep for a few days. Then strain with a cheesecloth into a garden sprayer. Spray the tomato plants in the morning at least once a week with this elixir. It remarkably feeds the plant through the leaves. Improving the plant’s growth and triggers the tomato plant’s own defenses to ward off harmful viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

A few Don’ts to remember

Don’t plant too early

Don’t over water

Don’t plant too close together or in small containers

Don’t plant in too much shade

Don’t plant in unhealthy or chemically depleted soil.

Healthy soil is the key to defend off aggravating diseases such as wilts and blight.

And Don’t Forget

Always get your soil amendments from a reputable source, such as Vermitechnology.  Don’t forget to shop at our on-line store for our great products.