How Black Worm Castings Can Help Drought Stricken Areas

The weather has become almost unpredictable, from torrential downpours to drought like conditions. How can we help our vegetable gardens, flowering plants, even shrubs and lawns survive?

It seems every year the water restrictions get stricter and stricter. Creating heathy, productive plants more of a challenge.

Improving moisture retention

Organic black worm castings improves the soil structure. Each individual worm casting is encapsulated by humic acid, which helps retain moisture in the soil. Allowing moisture to be readily and easily accessible by plants.

Healthy soil with humic acid to improve moisture retention and elevated micro-bacterial activity in the soil, along with vital nutrients and minerals, all significantly help plants stay healthy, even in drought stricken areas.

Organic castings also contain over 60 key micronutrients, including, nitrogen, calcium, potash, and magnesium. Plant nutrient uptake is increased due to the macrobiotic activity.

Castings also help with extreme pH in the soil, acting as a buffer.

The humus found in the worm castings help the plant fight off diseases, by extracting harmful bacteria, fungi, and toxins. They also have the amazing ability to fix heavy metals in organic waste.

The increase of enzymes into the soil from the castings is offensive to many insects, such as spider mites, aphids, and white flies.

Black worm castings can be used like compost. A good rule of thumb, use about 3 tablespoons for each plant. It can be applied to the topsoil, then water thoroughly after, to help the nutrients incorporate into the soil.

To give seeds an optimal start to life, just combine half and half, potting soil and casting for a great growing medium.

Black castings and worm tea can also help reduce shock when transplanting.

Make sure you store the castings in a cool, dark place, so they don’t dry out and the microbes will stay active.

For any questions about organic soil amendments or black castings please contact Vermitechnology. Don’t forget to shop our on-line store for our quality products at a great price!