Organic Black Worm Castings vs Vermicompost, for More Productive Plants

Here at Vermitechnology, we get lots of calls about black worm castings, organic fertilizers, VermaPlex, Black Sea Kelp, and Coral Calcium, for healthy soil and more productive plants. But one of the most popular questions is, what is the difference between vermicompost and organic black worm castings?

Though they tend to be used interchangeably, technically they are not the same thing.

Vermitechnology ProductsBlack worm castings are the actual worm droppings. The material that goes into the worms mouth and comes out the other end. Worm castings should have the look and feel of rich, crumbly, almost a coffee ground like appearance. They should have an earthy aroma, similar to high quality garden soil. The smell is produced by a group of bacteria called actinomycetes, which plays a vital part in decomposing organic waste.

While vermicompost is basically the end material from the worm composting system. Which includes worm castings and partially composted waste.

Unfortunately, there aren’t strict regulations when it comes to labeling in this industry. Or how the worm castings are measured. Many products claiming to be 100% worm castings are also compromised with other materials So it comes down to it, the source of the product is important!

Vermitechnolity is a leader in the industry, a quality source for pure organic fertilizers derived from black casting, worm farming and composting supplies. For over 40 years we have been providing quality products for wholesalers, distributors, retailers, growers and hobbyists.

Most of our products are OMRI Listed organic products, assuring they meet high quality standards, are non-toxic and safe, including:

Pure Black Castings: All natural organic fertilizer and pesticide to improve soil health.
Liquid VermaPlex Soil Inoculant: All natural soil amendments and plant probiotic liquid, OMRI Listed
Coral Calcium: Essential mineral and vital nutrients for sustainable soil
Black Sea Kelp: Organic nutrients for soil microbes, promotes increased root mass

Our products provide your plants with a nutrient rich, robust environment, able to withstand climate hardships and less likely to be damaged by insects. Our Organic fertilizer is a valuable addition for every soil type and plant situation, from farms, vegetable  to flower gardens.