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VermaMax LE

All natural organic Liquid Extract made from certified organic Pure Black Castings™ and organic poultry compost (chicken litter) treated with VermaPlex®.

Vermamax Granular

All natural organic plant food made from certified organic Pure Black Castings™ and organic poultry compost (chicken litter) treated with VermaPlex®.


Black Sea Kelp

Sea Kelp contains naturally occurring plant growth regulators, namely cytokinins, gibberellins, and indoles. In addition, Seaweed also contains achelating compound called mannitol, which naturally chelates micronutrients into forms that are readily available for plant use.

  • Benefits to Plants and Crops
  • Promotes seed germination
  • Excellent food source for beneficial fungi in the soil
  • Increases root growth and crop yields
  • Increases nutrient uptake and improves plant stress resistance
  • Improves plant tolerance to temperature extremes
  • Contains naturally occurring antibiotics
  • Black Sea Kelp does not burn plant roots, and is compatible with all plant nutrition programs.

PLEASE NOTE: Sea kelp is not curative but used as a preventative, it is most effective when applied before the plant or crop experiences any particular stress. Repeated, low dose applications show the optimum results as opposed to fewer, high applications. Treatments during and after any stress will help the plant recover from stresses such as drought and cold temperatures

Sea kelp can be applied to the roots or foliage of the plant. When applied as a foliar spray, sea kelp helps the plant uptake certain elemental nutrients through the leaves. When applied to the roots, sea kelp increases the number of plant beneficial microorganisms found in the Rhizosphere (the soil region subject to the influence of plant roots and their associated microorganisms). To maximize these effects, sea kelp should be applied the roots early in the plant’s life cycle and later applied as a foliar spray.


Coral Calcium

OMRI certified Coral Calcium is a complete way to nourish your lawn and garden without the use of chemicals. Landscapes and lawns don’t just happen – Coral Calcium is fundamental to healthy soil.

For instance:

  • It provides over 73 important minerals essential for all growing plants
  • It will re-mineralize the soil, increasing plants energy level for higher quality and healthier plants
  • Helps all plants and turf stay healthier through stressful periods
  • Coral Calcium dramatically helps restore a healthy calcium balance
  • It makes healthier soil which in turn, helps reduce the amounts of weeds that will germinate
  • Increases the downward movement of water to – and through – the root zone, making both water and oxygen more available to plants and grass
  • Increases drainage
  • Improves root growth by reducing compaction and erosion
  • Makes the soil easier to work with and creates less compacted soil
  • Used to reduce Magnesium overload

If you see weeds in your garden, plant beds or lawns, there is a strong probability that calcium and other nutrients are lacking in the soil. Healthy soil is a key ingredient for good lawns and landscapes. Be sure to take good care of your soil and it will take good care of your plants and turf. Coral Calcium also reduces the need to aerate your soil with expensive and back breaking equipment. It is so effective that 11 lbs will treat 5 acres!!


Hydrolyzed Fish

Hydrolyzed Fish can be applied to all crops including: vegetable crops, row crops, field crops, feed crops, trees, vines, ornamentals, lawns, gardens, and landscaping. Hydrolyzed Fish can be applied to all soil types and pH ranges, to all transplant solutions, drips, and to all watering solutions. Hydrolyzed Fish can be mixed with most liquid fertilizers and liquid nutrients, including seeding, pre-plant, side dress, and water runs.

**Not compatible with herbicides**


Liquid Humate Plus

  • Feeds existing beneficial microbes, increasing soil fertility.
  • Stimulates root growth, allowing more efficient nutrient uptake.
  • Contains composted organic poultry manure extract, an organic nitrogen source.
  • Improves the health of the soil over the long-term, helping it regulate itself better.
  • Is long-lasting, meaning it doesn’t need to be re-applied as frequently as other fertilizers, making it very cost effective.

Plants do not simply suck nutrients out of the soil. Just like human beings, plants need help to digest and absorb their nutrients. In people, the help is supplied by intestinal flora; in plants, beneficial soil microbes break down soil nutrients and make them available to plants. Liquid Humate Plus feeds these microbes, increasing their populations and thus, the fertility of the soil. Liquid Humate Plus also contains naturally-occurring rooting hormones to increase root mass and root length, allowing plants to absorb nutrients more efficiently.



Humic Acid ……………………14.0%
Derived From: Humate – Humic Acid
Total Other Ingredients……85.94%
Purpose: To enhance nutrient uptake


Liquid Yucca Extract

30%Yucca Schidigera

Liquid Yucca Extract is a 100% natural wetting agent derived from Yucca Schidegera. Our Yucca Extract is cold-pressed for maximum biological activity. As a wetting agent, Yucca Extract can be added to almost any liquid fertilizer mix, as part of an overall fertilization program.

Liquid Yucca Extract:

  • Increases soil permeability, allowing water and nutrients to reach plants faster.
  • Improves the soil’s water-holding capacity.
  • Improves soil structure.
  • Is 100% Organic.
  • Is cold-pressed for maximum biological efficacy & is derived from Yucca Schidigera

Water is the most important element of healthy soil. Without water, plants cannot survive, the soil microbes that support them cannot survive, and essential nutrients cannot be transported through the soil.

Some soils aren’t able to absorb the water they need. Heavy clay soils, soils with low organic matter, and highly compressed soils, are notoriously impermeable to water. To support good fertility, these soils require supplementation with a wetting agent, which improves permeability, soil structure, and water-holding capacity. Liquid Yucca Extract increases soil permeability, allowing water and nutrients to reach plants faster, improves water holding capacity and structure of soil.


Fish Hydrolysate

OMRI listed Fish Hydrolysate is made from rainbow trout grown in the cool, pristine waters that flow through the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. The Native Americans who lived here hundreds of years ago knew that fish were an amazing source of nutrients that plants needed. We continue that tradition today. Don’t let the low N-P-K fool you, our fertilizer has been known to outgrow chemical fertilizers with much higher values because of the large amount of micronutrients it contains!




Micro- Bac aids in the development of dense root masses and the formation of new root hairs.

Directions for Use
For best results, use 1 quart (32 oz.) per 100 gallons of water. (Please note: we strongly recommend the addition of Nutrol to all tank mixes which buffers the pH and acts as a food source for the biologicals)

**Not compatible with Herbicides**

Storage & Disposal
Store product in original container away from children and domestic animals. Our materials are all stored in a liquid form and are all biologically active. The materials are stored in a proprietary solution which preserves them for a much longer time and supplies them with their essential food sources.


100% Natural and Organic – it is a blend of Pure Black Castings™ and NutriSmart™ Bio-Fertilizer. Loaded with beneficial enzymes, microorganisms, humic acids and other plant growth factors, this will help revitalize soil.

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The results are beyond imagination using Vermaplex. I have never seen any product perform like the Vermaplex.

I live at an altitue of 8000′ in the high desert in the Pueblo of Acoma, New Mexico. I purchased the Dalia’s from a company in Oregon. When they realized where I lived they didn’t think the plants would grow, let alone earning 1st place out of 15,000 entries from all over the United States, and in only my 1st year of growing. Thanks for a wonderful product. I’m ready for next year!

Adrian Trujillo

All products with the exception of Black Castings and Volcanic Rock Dust are manufactured by Southern Organics & Supply.