Supercharge you Soil, With Organic Black Castings & Soil Amendments

Start the New Year off by supercharging your soil, your plants will thank you and you will reap the rewards! In the last couple of years black worm castings have become all the rage, and rightly so. Many gardeners and farmers have discovered the numbers benefits of adding them to the soil. In fact, they are the best soil amendment on the market today!

Why Organic Black Worm Castings?

Worms have the amazing ability to transform organic material into their base form. Once digested you are left with trace elements, minerals, nutrients, humic acid, beneficial bacteria and microbes. Which supercharges the soil!

How Can Black Worm Castings Help Your Garden or Farm?

Cracked land, Save water, Save Earth Concept, Conceptual imageImproved Absorbency

If you’ve ever worried about the level of moisture in your soil, then you will love worm castings. They enable the soil to be more absorbent and moisture level to remain consistent. Since the castings have lots of humic acid, your plants will be able to easily absorb the nutrients.


Not only does black castings have an earthy, forest type smell, they are safe for children and pets. They also won’t burn plants.

Ability to Fight Diseases

Worm castings contain humus, which has the extraordinary ability to remove fungi, harmful bacteria, and toxins from the soil. Healthier plants means they will be less likely to succumb to disease. Allowing your plants to absorb necessary nutrients by combating heavy metals.

Acid Reduction

Gardners and farmers understand the benefits of nitrogen, but it also means more acid forming carbons in the soil. Castings creates a neutral soil by reducing these carbons.

Improved Yield and Growth

Humic acid is a big deal when it comes to plants. It encourages plants to grow bigger and healthier, which means a bigger harvest.

Improved pH Level

If the soil’s pH level is too high or too low, they have a difficult time absorbing nutrients. Casting help neutralize the soil by being a barrier. In turn helping the plants grow.

Adding organic black casting into your soil is easy! Just pour around the base of the plant or sprinkle into the hole before planting.

Your soil is a living, breathing organism, how you take care of it will determine the health and productivity of your plants.

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