Specialty Fertilizer

VermaPlex® is an all-natural fertilizer – The ONLY waste is from Earthworms. NO yard clippings, or food wastes are used to produce VermaPlex®. Children and pets can play on the lawn as soon as application of this product has been completed. No post-application warning signs need to be posted.

  • Helps the soil regulate itself. In nature, soil chemistry is self-regulating: microbes in the soil consume organic matter, inorganic matter, water, and other nutrients, and regulate their levels as needed.
  • Feed plants without burning them. VermaPlex® may also reduce dependence on traditional fertilizers, which can burn plants and pollute the environment.


Live Monarch Foundation – South Florida Miracle Fruit Farm.
Vermitechnology Unlimited Black Castings™ and Vermaplex™ helped eliminate root rot on stressed plants.

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The Self-Realization Lake Shrine attracts many thousands of visitors each year to enjoy the 10-acre scenic beauty and serenity with its gardens and natural spring-fed lake. Since the dedication by Parmahansa Yogananda in 1950, it’s been home to a variety of flora and fauna, including swans, ducks, koi, and trees and flowers from around the world. Companion products, Black Castings™ and VermaPlex® have transformed the rose gardens and the soil to one the healthiest conditions the Lake Shrine has seen in decades. During the 1st year of an application program, these products have successfully built a healthy soil food web despite the exposure to rugged costal soil conditions, disease and pests which are common to Southern California.

All products with the exception of Black Castings and Volcanic Rock Dust are manufactured by Southern Organics & Supply.