Why Organic Black Worm Castings? How Can They Help Your Garden or Farm?

Simply put, organic black earthworm castings can make everything growing in the soil amazingly happy, beautiful, and more productive. From vital nutrients, organic matter, humus and a ton of other stuff that plants love. They have a rich, fine texture, chocolate brown color, and a forest type smell.

The best part, black worm castings are easy to purchase or you can make your own worm farm.

Earthworm Poop = Black Gold

Worms eat dying organic matter and transform it into the most amazing soil amendment on the market. Similar to compost on steroids.

Organic Black Worm Casting vs Compost

Black casting has a significantly higher amount of humus, which helps the soil hold more water and air. They also help supply  the plant roots with easily absorbable micronutrients. The high microbial activity in the soil combined with high amount of micronutrients, adds up to higher yielding plants.

“Vermicompost may have up to a 1000 times higher microbial population than normal compost. Compost piles break down materials using bacteria that thrive in high temperatures. These high temperatures kill off some of the microbes. But with vermicompost, waste is broken down aerobically at moderate temperatures. This permits a much wider spectrum of microorganisms to develop in the final product. It is these microbes that can convert nutrients in the soil to a form that is more readily absorbed by plants,” NC Worm Farm News.

Don’t have time to build a entire worm farm, keep up with feeding them, and them harvesting the castings?  

That’s where Vermitechnology come in to help.  From purchasing the worms and all the equipment necessary to make castings to having the time to take care of them, it can be very time consuming. We have millions of worms living in the perfect controlled environment, converting tons of organic waste into ‘black gold’ every day.   It’s simple, just go on-line and order the amount of organic black worm casting you need, and in just a couple of days it will arrive at your home or business.

It’s time for healthier plants and vegetables.

Instead of using manufactured fertilizer and pesticides, which end up in your fruits and vegetable, go organic. With amendments, such as black worm castings, coral calcium, liquid humate plus, black sea kelp, hydrolyzed fish and fish hydrolysate.

Get your garden off to the right start, contact Vermitechnolgy for more information about our amazing products.